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One cool new flat top heading out tomorrow ! We added a painted boltless drop visor, painted cab and sleeper bars, extra clearance lights, and Dynaflex monster stacks!

Here’s a cool new one we just finished up with heading out this week! We installed Dynaflex monster stacks, Hogebuilt half fenders, Lincoln Chrome mitered bumper, boltless drop visor and choptops, aircleaner lightbars, extra clearance lights, cab and sleeper underglow lightbars, train horn, and a custom deckplate….looking good!😎

Really nice long hood extended cab 389 daycab heading out today! We added a boltless drop visor, extra clearance lights, Shift side lit aircleaner bars, and cab and sleeper bars with underglow!

Here’s a good looking new 567 we have for sale! Check out all the specs and more pics on our website, stock# Q3044

Here’s a new black beauty we have going out next week!😎

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