Cool black cherry new long hood we have going out this week! We added Hogebuilt half fenders, cab and sleeper lightbars, watermelon aircleaner lightbars, extra clearance lights, extra grill bars, 20″ mitered bumper, boltless drop visor and choptops, Dynaflex monster stacks, lighted whaletail, lighted bunk shock cover and more! Looking good!😎

Good looking New long hood that headed out today to get finished up at her new home!

Sharp looking pair of 389’s ready to head out tomorrow and get completed at their new home!

Pumpkins got restocked today! Stop by and pick some up, there’s some really nice ones!🎃

Congratulations Brendon on your trophy for Bobtail class! All your hard work getting this old 87 daycab back to show condition showed well! Too bad you got a Freightliner trophy though when Peterbilt has been the only truck dealer sponsor of the Convoy for Special Olympics since it began! We proudly and hugely supported this great cause for years and years. Thanks to everyone that appreciated all the work we went thru to help this event happen thru the years!

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