Paccar MX Engine Air Management

For optimum Paccar MX engine performance EGR cooler and all air management sensors need to be cleaned and inspected.

Incorrect readings from the air management sensors will cause issues with engine emissions and/or performance.

Includes inspecting the intake and exhaust system
Inspecting the air to air aftercooler
Clean and pressure test the EGR cooler
Remove, inspect and clean these sensors :

◦Boost Pressure
◦Before Turbine Pressure
◦Before Turbine Pressure Tube
◦After BPV Pressure
◦After BPV Pressure Tube
◦After BPV Temperature
◦Humidity Sensor
◦EGR Differential Pressure
◦EGR Temperature
◦Boost Temperature
◦After Intercooler Temperature
◦Physically check the EGR valve

Verify that the Ambient Temperature and Pressure readings in DAVIE4

Contact the Service Dept. for more information.

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