One of our latest custom rides getting ready to head out tomorrow!! We added an old school varashield, boltless Lincoln Chrome bumper, custom clearance lights and visor, watermelon aircleaner lightbars, painted the tanks, custom painted deckplate with tombstone, Hogebuilt 1/4 fenders with bras, and more! Classy rig!😎

Beautiful Indigo blue new 389 long hood we just added Hogebuilt half fenders, boltless drop visor and choptops, watermelon aircleaner lightbars, extra clearance lights, fender bras, rear visor and watermelon load lights, looking good!!👍🏻

Here’s a really cool new 389 flat top we have going out this week!!😎

Sharp new 389 long hood daycab powered by Cummins and equipped with a pusher ready to head out this week!

Here’s a sharp couple of custom painted 389’s heading out to Washington today! Can’t wait to see them all dressed up!

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