Pair of great looking new 567’s we have going out next week!

We just finished up with this cool new rig that’s heading out tomorrow! We added Hogebuilt low rider half fenders, Dynaflex monster stacks, cab and sleeper lightbars, aircleaner lightbars, drop visor and choptops, lighted whaletail, 9 LED clearance lights, lighted bunk shock cover, and more! Looking good in Mt.Dew green and plum crazy purple!! 😎

Sharp new turquoise 567 with Hogebuilt low rider half fenders, cab and sleeper bars, fender guards and window ventshades we have going out Monday!

Sweet new ride we just finished up with heading out tomorrow! We painted the tanks, visor and choptops, cab and sleeper bars, whaletail, added a rear lightbar, lighted bunk shock cover, Hogebuilt low rider half fenders, Lincoln Chrome straight pipes, aircleaner lightbars, 20″ airlift bumper, extra clearance lights, and more! 👍🏻👍🏻

All new front end on the new 579! Upgraded headlights and stylish narrow grill, new mirrors and other enhancements in this aerodynamic ultraloft edition!

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