We are your place to go for these cool lift bumpers, we’ve been putting quite a few on lately….give one of our parts guys a call for info!

Here’s a better pic with the sun out today of this sweet legendary black and omaha orange ride we just finished up with!

Here’s a very classy new ride we just finished up with! We put a Seminole paint job on it, added Dynaflex monster stacks, Hogebuilt low rider half fenders, drop visor and choptops, aircleaner lightbars, extra clearance lights, lighted whaletail, cab and sleeper lightbars, lighted bunk shock cover, and more! One beautiful old school rig!

Sweet new long hood 72″ stand up we have going out today! We added a 20″ airlift bumper, painted cab and sleeper bars, painted visor, choptops, and fuel tanks, painted custom rear lightbar, painted flush mount deckplate, ultimate low rider half fenders, Lincoln Chrome straight pipes, and much more! Really cool ride!

Sharp Omaha orange new 579 ultraloft with full Paccar drivetrain that hit the road today!

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